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I’m sorry?

Taking a shower had been a must that morning, along with a good dose of caffeine. She had had trouble sleeping and she really couldn’t understand why. Yes, she was attracted to Rachel. Yes, she had kissed her. Yes, she had been rejected. But that meant nothing. She had just met her and really, it was not a big deal. She was attracted to a lot of girls everyday, she was not the only one. And she was sure she could find someone that was actually interested in her in no time. She just had to find  a way to go out to a bar. Going alone seemed desperate, but she had no real close friends. Maybe she could convince some of the girls at the hospital to go have dinner and then go out together. Then again, they wouldn’t go to a gay bar and her gaydar was terrible, she was sure she would end up trying to sleep with the straightest girl in the bar. Then again, she had already kissed a straight girl in the last 24 hours, what was one more?

She put some food for Iris before doing her hair and deciding that it would be best if she apologized to Rachel today. The sooner, the better, right? She took her purse, put everything inside and then headed to the girl’s apartment. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door. She really hoped she wasn’t waking her up. At what time did Broadway actresses wake up?

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